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Planned Giving

“We have been donors to Holy Child for 15 years. About ten years ago while updating our wills we decided to add the School as a beneficiary institution through legacy giving. Our reasoning was quite simple, legacy giving is another way we are able to donate to the School which nurtured and educated our three children.”

Mary and Zach DeCarlo P’11’14’16

There are easy ways to make a difference at Holy Child School at Rosemont. We invite members of our community to make a legacy donation that will help ensure the future of our wonderful School.

Legacy gifts can be made through various means that both support the School and simultaneously benefit each donor, the donor's estate, and heirs. Many legacy gifts can be made without impacting anyone's current lifestyle and often do not need legal counsel to implement. However, more complex legacy donations may require the donor to connect with an estate attorney and/or a financial planner. We advise contributors to seek their advice to ensure the maximum benefit.

Samples of legacy gifts include:

  • Name Holy Child School at Rosemont as a beneficiary of the estate. For example, denote a dollar amount or a percentage of assets in your will.
  • Name Holy Child School at Rosemont as a beneficiary of all or part of a 401(k), IRA, 403(b), and/or life insurance policy.
  • Donate personal property, real estate, or appreciated securities.
  • Invest in a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA), Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT), or other income-generating options.

Anyone who makes a legacy gift to Holy Child School at Rosemont is recognized in The Falcon Hill Society. Falcon Hill is the original name of the estate where Holy Child School at Rosemont was established in 1949.