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Holy Child School at Rosemont is grateful to the corporations and the Holy Child community members who facilitated these donations through Pennsylvania's Educational Improvement Tax Credit and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs.

Since 2003, Holy Child has raised over $5.4 million and helped to educate over 120 students. Without this support, the School could not continue to help its students obtain an exceptional Holy Child School at Rosemont education.


Abbott Furnace

Ed '82 & Sharon Gaffney P'21'25

Burke BBD, LLC

Michael and Lynda Donahue P'12'14'17

The Bryn Mawr Trust Company

Michael Pfister & Janet Cunningham P'11'13
Edward & Joan Fitzgerald GP'22'24
Ward & Kathryn Fitzgerald P'08'10'12
Peter & Eileen Quinn GP'19'21'23
Joseph and Katherine Ross

Concentus Wealth Advisors
Erik Strid '83 P'15'17'21

Cristo Rey Philadelphia Scholarship

Patrick & Terri O'Dowd GP'28

Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
Ted Wahl P'20'23'25

Montgomery DelVal Association, LP
James Tornetta and Paul Tornetta P'09'11'13'16

PA Partners for Education
Kristen & Pat Traynor P'14'17'21

PNC Financial Services Group
Marnie Linette Gallagher '76 P'11'14
Kevin Wilson '74

UHS of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Gerry Johnson Geckle P'04'06

Utica National Insurance Group

Paul Tornetta P'09'11'13'16

Anonymous (1)

Montgomery Avenue II, LLC
Joe & Christine Abboud P'22'24
Neal and Monica Bibeau P'20
Kane and Janine Brenan P'16'18'23'25
Tom & Kristen Brooks
Gordon '73 & Gretchen Cooney P'17
Carl and Ann Deirmengian P'26'29
Ed '82 & Sharon Gaffney P'21'25
Tom and Jen Gallagher P'19'19'20'25
Tim & Carolyn Gilligan P'23'27
Steve '83 & Leslie Gillin P'16'22
Liam & Helen Kelly P'16'21'22'23'25
Tom & Disty Lengel P'12
Bob & Nancy Mitchell P'16
Paul & Megan Nolen P'23'25'28
Phil Okala & Emily Branch-Okala P'19'22
Bob & Mary K Shields P'83'86'89'93 GP'19'19'21
Arnie & Molly Schneider P'10'12'15
Steve & Maria Schreder P'13'15'18'23
Bob & Mary K Shields P'83'86'89'93 GP'19'19'21
Chris Topolewski P'25'27
Ted & Tara Wahl P'20'23'25
Guntram & Claudia Weissenberger P'20'23

Steve & Maria Schreder P'13'15'18'23