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Traditions & Events

Our school traditions connect generations of Holy Child students across time: Every child has warm memories of participating in the Buddy Program, a year-long tradition that builds community; Sledding Day, where we relish the joy of snow and wintertime; and the annual Spring Play no matter if a child is on stage or cheering from the audience.

Traditions, activities celebrations, and events remind us of the strength of our Holy Child community and the importance of gathering together.

Graduate from the class of 2023 at Holy Child School at Rosemont receives diploma at the commencement mass.
Preschool children play outside together on a sunny day in Bryn Mawr PA
Elementary school boys compete at a tire rolling race during a school field day
Two female students at Holy Child laugh playfully while sledding
The Middle School cast of Seussical Jr. performs a song and dance
Three Middle School students perform a song at a school-wide mass in Montgomery County PA
Preschool boys and girls enjoying games during school field day at an independent school on the Main Line
A group of middle school students perform a song in Seussical Jr. at Holy Child School at Rosemont
An elementary boy student leads a prayer during a school prayer service in Montgomery County PA
Middle school students compete in a race at an independent school field day in Bryn Mawr PA
A selection of our beloved school traditions and activities:
  • The Buddy Program – Middle School students serve as mentors and friends for Lower School students, collaborating through service-learning projects, cross-grade lessons, and games and fun.
  • Christmas Concert – Lower School and Middle School classes contribute to this evening filled with festive with song, dance, and instrumental performances. An honor reserved for the eighth-grade class is our Christmas tableau which is performed annually to tell the story of the nativity. 
  • Spring Play – Open to all Middle School students, this school tradition highlights the skills of collaboration and teamwork through the lens of the performing arts with culminating performances each May. 
  • All-school Service Day - Each spring, our Grade 8 classes arranges and leads our all-school service day. Activities and deserving charities are selected by the class and they educate their peers during this day on the importance of giving back to our local community.
  • School-wide Assemblies - We gather, pray, sing, and learn more abut each other during these gatherings.
  • Halloween Parade – To celebrate Halloween, students, faculty, and staff dress in costume and the children parade around Gaffney Family Field for an audience of parents, grandparents, and friends. 
  • Sledding Day – On one snowy school day each year, we suspend classes in favor of creating cherished memories, sledding down the hill behind our Tudor Building with friends and teachers alike.
In addition, these events are opportunities to bring our community together throughout the year:

Prayer services • School Masses • Thanksgiving celebrations • Grade 8 Retreat • Commencement • Field Day