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Lower School

During their elementary school years, students in Grades 1 through 4 learn to explore, question, discover, and demonstrate as they immerse themselves in the arts, Spanish language lessons, and differentiated instruction, becoming independent learners and responsible community members.

Meet the grades that comprise our Lower School:

Grade 1

The youngest children in our Lower School, these students build on the solid academic foundation created in our Early Childhood program and grow into independent and confident learners. First-grade students learn language arts, math, science, religion, art, music, and physical education and begin to hone their reading skills using the SuperKids Reading program. Spanish language instruction and other cross-curricular units, like STEAM projects and creative writing, make our children excited about learning.

Grade 2

While continuing to hone their reading and writing skills, second-grade students begin to question and demonstrate their understanding of concepts, especially in lessons around science, math, and language arts. The Sacramental Program is a hallmark of the second-grade year as students, regardless of their faith, are led to explore and deepen their personal faith relationship. For young readers, systematic phonics instruction and literacy skill development is guided by The SuperKids Reading program.

Grade 3

Third-grade students begin to employ their reading skills, honed in the early elementary years, by "reading to learn." With curious and eager minds, children begin to form connections across subjects and concepts, and grow as independent learners during this year. Yet, outdoor play continues to be a core part of the school day, allowing children opportunities to use their imaginations and socialize.

Grade 4

Growing in confidence and independence before embarking on the Middle School years, fourth-grade students engage in collaborative learning and critical thinking, expand their math horizons, and immerse themselves in reading and writing activities.  As the eldest children in Lower School, they serve as role models to the other children in their division and begin to participate in our developmental athletic programs.

An elementary school boy raises his hand in a classroom in Bryn Mawr PA
Two elementary school students stand with prayerful hands before a prayer service in Bryn Mawr PA
Two elementary school students smile while looking at books during the annual book fair
Elementary school students act out a scene in a performance at a school in Mongtomery County PA
Female students play outside on playground equipment on a sunny day
Elementary school boys and girls dressed in fall costumes perform a song at a school on the Main Line PA
An elementary school girl leads a prayer during a prayer service at a Catholic school in Bryn Mawr PA
Elementary school boys and girls sing in the school choir at a Catholic school in Bryn Mawr PA

Core Values of our Lower School

At Holy Child School at Rosemont, our Lower School nurtures excellence through collaboration, exploration, and discovery. Our faculty foster a learning environment that sparks intellectual curiosity and addresses timely topics such as global understanding, digital citizenship, and faith development. 

Connecting us to values and our greater Holy Child mission, each Lower School grade learns about a different Holy Child Goal through lessons and hands-on activities through the year:

  • Grade 1 learns about friendship which is evidenced in collaborative work, sharing, and caring for one another
  • Grade 2 focuses on faith, aligned with the Sacramental Program that prepares them to grow closer to God in their personal faith relationship
  • Grade 3 emphasizes caring for one another and for our greater community
  • Grade 4 values learning, which is especially relevant as they prepare to take the next step in their education into Middle School

A unifying program for each grade level is our Community Time program. Community Time brings together each Lower School grade once a week to discuss important and timely topics, such as friendship, digital and classroom citizenship, collaboration, and communication. This dedicated time beyond the classroom reminds us of our shared values and Holy Child Goals.

Friendships Connect Us to Our Community

An important and timeless school tradition, unique to Lower and Middle School, is our Buddy Program. Holy Child students eagerly await the chance to take part in this year-long school program where Lower School students are each paired with a Middle School Buddy. At school assemblies and specialized Buddy events, Buddy pairs come together to work collaboratively, play, and learn about one another.
Lower School Buddies often see their Middle School Buddies as mentors and role models, looking up to the leaders of our school and what they have to look forward to in the years to come at Holy Child

Developing Soft Skills

Lower School students begin to practice their leadership and public-speaking skills with our community by leading prayer services and assemblies, giving presentations on a variety of topics across subject areas, and performing in plays and concerts. From plays to the Lower School Talent Show to the annual Christmas Concert, the fine and performing arts are important experiences where children build soft skills and grow in self-confidence.

Participating in school clubs and activities beyond the classroom, including our developmental athletic teams, instills a sense of belonging in our children as they explore their interests and talents while bonding with their peers. Social and communication skills flourish during this age through these types of opportunities. 

In this inclusive, independent Catholic school community where all faiths are welcome, students become academically prepared, kind, confident leaders who are ready to shine in the next phase of their education. 
This is Holy Child School at Rosemont – and this is how you create lifelong learners.

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