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Essential Care

Due to COVID-19 and the safety protocols put in place at Holy Child School at Rosemont, our Extended Day Program will be changing to an Essential Care Program. In order to keep our student population as healthy as possible, we’ve made the decision to reconfigure our program to serve the families who absolutely need child care after school. 

We will be offering Essential Care to a limited number of families, Monday through Friday from 3:30-4:30 p.m., who meet the following criteria:

  • They are a single working parent.

  • They are a dual working family.

  • Any additional unusual circumstances, which we will do our best to accommodate.

Our Essential Care Program will be supervised by internal staff so as to not introduce college students into the school environment. We will also keep the children separated in their cohorts/grades to reduce their exposure to other children, and we will increase the amount of time spent playing outside.

If you have any questions about our Essential Care Program, please contact Director of Lower School Jeanne Marie Blair at 610-922-1003. You may view our Extended Day web page for an overview of what our traditional after-school care program offers.

Holy Child School at Rosemont is an equal opportunity care provider.