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Spiritual Life

The religion program at Holy Child School at Rosemont strives to share, guide, and teach our School community the reality of God’s loving presence in our world and God’s action in and through us. It models the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the philosophy and tradition of Holy Child education. Through actions and words we make our faith a lived experience in service of God and neighbor. The goal of our religion program is to experience and live our faith, not to simply learn about it.

The School community emphasizes that we should experience our faith with all who wish to share it. Our program encourages children to understand and appreciate the tenets of Catholicism, but our school population includes children of other faiths as well. For parents of many religious backgrounds, the value of a Holy Child education transcends any single denomination. Our students are acquainted with other world religions as they relate to the cultures they are studying. They compare and contrast these beliefs with their own.

Large school liturgies are celebrated in the Rosemont College Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. Graduation is held at St. Thomas of Villanova Rosemont Chapel. Prayer services, such as the Advent Wreath and the October Rosary, are celebrated in a manner that is open to all. Our community outreach program, in which children, parents, and faculty participate, is another example of our call to live the faith experience.

Emphasis is placed on participation and leadership in worship. Music, art, reenactments, movement, and symbolism are incorporated wherever possible.

Our faculty and staff also model the importance of experiencing and living out their faith. As members of different denominations, faculty and staff gather as a community for prayer services, Masses, and retreats. They also lead and serve on both Service Learning and Worship Committees.

Catholicism lived out in everyday habits and lovely practices