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Leadership Opportunities

In all grades at Holy Child, there are myriad opportunities for us to instill the qualities of leadership – self-confidence, public speaking, organization, compassion, empathy – in our students. It starts with a line leader in Early Childhood and progresses to Student Council president for 8th grade. We give students regular opportunities to speak in front of a group, to explain a project in class, to organize events, and to develop and present ideas and suggestions. Each student is empowered to contribute, to take a risk, and plan an activity for a group, class, grade, or several grades.

Younger students are encouraged through:

  • Developing class rules
  • Addressing playground issues
  • Solving an issue that requires discussion and compromise

Leadership opportunities for older students expand to include:

  • Planning an event that involves the entire School
  • Having a real-world problem to consider
  • Working collaboratively to develop a solution or compromise
  • Presenting ideas and answering questions
  • Voting or combining solutions so that everyone agrees to the resolution and feels good about having made a contribution

Other leadership opportunities include:

  • Planning and implementing class and School liturgies
  • Serving on Student Council and serving as School Co-President in Grade 8 
  • Organizing recycling efforts
  • Organizing community service projects and fundraising events (i.e. Bake Sale, Dress Down Days)

The education we offer respects and honors the four dimensions of every child’s life: The intellectual, the spiritual, the physical, and the emotional.