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Advisory Program

Advisory is a program designed to aide and guide Middle School students in making informed, constructive decisions to benefit not only themselves but also the larger community around them. Meeting in small, gender-specific groups, students discuss topics that impact adolescents and are guided by advisors to consider the consequences of their actions, and to be aware of the feelings and actions of others. Keeping open communications channels between teachers and students allows us to be proactive in addressing student and adult concerns. Following the mission and philosophy of the Holy Child Network of Schools and Foundress Cornelia Connelly, our goal is to nurture each child to develop his/her talent; to be mindful of the dignity of the individual; and to have each child well known by at least one School adult. It is important for each child who attends Holy Child to feel safe and an important part of this community.

The education we offer respects and honors the four dimensions of every child’s life: The intellectual, the spiritual, the physical, and the emotional.