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Lower School

Foundational Years

We promise to provide an intellectually challenging and creative program of study, delivered in a loving and affirming environment.

In our Lower School there is special emphasis on building foundations. Children in Grades 1-4 advance their technological skills and are encouraged to become more independent, confident learners who are dedicated to becoming responsible, productive world citizens.

Lower School students explore, question, discover, and demonstrate. Teachers create a learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, maximizes success through small, flexible, instructional groups, and knowledge of individual students’ learning styles and needs. Differentiated instruction provides the appropriate level of challenge and support for all students.

Our Lower School students:

  • Use technology to become productive digital citizens
  • Learn world languages to foster language skills and the awareness of different cultures
  • Immerse themselves in art, music, and theater to connect ideas across other subjects
  • Discover the rewards of sportsmanship, fair play, and helping others
  • Come to know the reality of God’s loving presence in our world

Highlights of the Lower School academic program include:

  • Dynamic field trips
  • Global collaboration
  • Study of local ecosystems
  • Student-led prayer services
  • Grade 2 sacramental program
  • Choral and instrumental opportunities
  • Art history

The Lower School continues to nurture excellence through collaboration in student-centered classrooms. Cross-curricular units include STEAM projects, the arts, and creative writing. Doing service and building a joyful community have enriched the lives of the Lower School students.