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A teacher at a Catholic school in Rosemont PA guides students in a lesson
Female student uses telescope at a private school in Bryn Mawr PA
Two elementary aged boys smile while working on a computer together
two female students work along side an educator as they learn a new topic at their independent school located in bryn mawr pa
two female students converse while they color at their desks at a private school in mainline pa


Our challenging and creative program, based on the progressive educational philosophy of Mother Cornelia Connelly, our founder, centers on the idea that happy children learn better and focuses on teaching the whole child with love, respect, and patience. This is how you create lifelong learners.

Providing an Uplifting EducationEvery day, Holy Child students experience the joy of achievement and the security of unconditional support. Our focus on social-emotional learning, creative instruction, intellectual challenge, and spiritual growth ensures children develop a love for learning and a drive for academic excellence.

The outcomes of our graduates — in high school, college, and beyond — speak to the strength of our academic program. Our graduates experience immense personal growth at Holy Child and receive admission from their high schools of choice, particularly in local private and independent schools.


Explore Our School Divisions

Early Childhood

Young Falcons - Kindergarten

The wonder-filled years for children aged 2 years 7 months through Kindergarten provide a foundation of curiosity, social development, and experiential learning, celebrating each student’s uniqueness while building confidence and individuality. 

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Lower School

Grades 1-4

Students in Grades 1-4 learn to explore, question, discover, and demonstrate as they immerse themselves in the arts, world languages, and differentiated instruction, becoming independent learners and responsible community members.

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Middle School

Grades 5-8

Admired role models and leaders in our school community, Middle School students in Grades 5-8 experience tremendous intellectual growth and personal achievement as they prepare for great success in high school, college, and beyond.

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