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Our Parents' Auxiliary is a very active group that knits our parent community together while contributing significantly - enabling the School to enrich the learning environment and the life of the School.

At Holy Child, all of our parents belong to the Parents' Auxiliary and are invited to attend the monthly Parents’ Auxiliary meetings. Our Parents' Auxiliary sponsors a variety of fun -, friend-, and fundraising activities and it is our parents' talents and hard work that make all of our events and programs special.

As Holy Child School students and parents' needs evolve, the School and Parents' Auxiliary leadership continuously evaluates its programs and services to ensure that there are opportunities for all parents who wish to get involved, no matter their daytime or evening commitments. To get involved, please complete the form

to the right.

Parents' Auxiliary Officers 2016-2017



President - Gretchen Millspaugh Cooney
Vice President - Lauren South
Past President - Kristen Sheffer
Corresponding Secretary - Kristen Reich
Recording Secretary - Stephanie Cunningham Ortiz '83
Treasurer - Leigh Lingle
Director of Institutional Advancement - Kristen Luke Brooks
Parents' Liaison - Katie Storrer



Christine Abboud
Kathy Barton
Stacey Brand
Sherri DeRosa
Carolyn Gilligan
Victoria Koslosky
Elizabeth Petrizzo
Nicole Schlich
Trudy Simpson
Ruth Strid

Committee Chairpersons

Committee Chairpersons

Auction - Stacey Brand, Laura Conlon, Cinde Hark, Maria Schreder
Auction Tribute Book - Kristen Sheffer
Book Fair - Erin Cook
Collectors Corner - Jane Cutler
Gift Wrap - Megan Trost
Holy Child Shops - Kathy Barton, Kristen Hinckle, Gillian Reilly
Homecoming - Jen Gallagher
New Family Liaison - Emily Okala
Nominating Committee - Kristen Sheffer
Secret Santa Workshop - Christine Abboud, Heather Boylan Ruggiero
Teacher-Staff Appreciation Days - Margaret Kresge
Tennis & Paddle Outing - Nicole Schlich, Stephanie Cunningham Ortiz '83

Homeroom Parents

Homeroom Parents

Young Falcons
Karen Grossman

Three Years
Joanna Charlton, Katie Topolewski

Laura Conlon, Maggie Kain

Margaret Anne Nolen, Anne Vazquez

First Grade
Lauren Kain, Eilise Rouse

Second Grade
Margaret Kresge, Victoria Koslosky

Third Grade
Nicole Schlich, Anne Shannon

Fourth Grade
Sharon Gaffney, Teri Shields

Fifth Grade
Dawn Doherty, Christi Neilly

Sixth Grade
Emily Okala, Elizabeth Petrizzo

Seventh Grade
Renata Casey, Erin O'Neill

Eighth Grade
Jane Hinckley, Meg McGinn


Katie Storrer
Parents' Liaison

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