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Holy Child Values in Action

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Holy Child Values in Action: A Practical Parenting Series
Holy Child School at Rosemont's speaker series invites the parent community to learn more about topics, tools, and resources that promote the personal growth and development of young children and teens.

This speaker series will incorporate in-person and virtual sessions. The in-person events are free and open to the public, and the virtual sessions are exclusively offered to the Holy Child community. Learn more and register below.



Upcoming Sessions

"Digital Citizenship, Online Safety, and Responsible Social Media Use"

Wednesday, February 28 at 8:10 a.m. in the Fitzgerald Performing Arts and Athletic Center

Building off the guest speaker that we welcomed to Holy Child this fall, Andrea Davis who spoke about “Creating a Tech Healthy Family,” we are welcoming Ben Tracy to speak to Holy Child parents and our Lower and Middle School students about digital citizenship, online safety, and responsible social media use. In tailored, age-appropriate sessions, Ben will share his story that provides a tangible example of how social media can impact your life even years after you post. In coordination with Ben’s visit, administrators at Holy Child are developing guidelines around digital citizenship and social media usage, which will be shared with parents and Lower and Middle School students as part of our technology use agreement for students. 

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About the speaker:
Ben Tracy is a leading keynote speaker on digital citizenship, online safety, and responsible social media use. Drawing from his personal experience, Ben shares his compelling story about the impact of teenage social media usage at schools and organizations nationwide. As the founder of Safe Social Network, Ben provides essential online safety information for students, parents, and educators  — and has spoken at over 100 Catholic schools across the country.

What attendees can expect to learn:
Today’s parents are facing monumental challenges with technology, safety, social media, and an unprecedented crisis in teen mental health. Ben Tracy, a leading expert on the impact of technology on this generation, provides guidance for parents to reduce online risks. His presentations, fueled by stories gathered from speaking at schools nationwide, are both passionate and authentic. They offer actionable steps to help you better navigate the digital age.


Talking to Youth About Heated Topics — Presenter Rosetta Lee, Seattle Girls School

Virtual Session on Tuesday, February 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Hosted by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS) and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS), and made available to our community by Holy Child School at Rosemont, we invite our parents to register for a virtual session led by the outreach specialist at Seattle Girls’ School, Rosetta Lee. She designs and delivers training for all constituencies of the school community, as well schools, nonprofits, and businesses throughout the world. She has been a diversity speaker and trainer and is a graduate of Harvard University.

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What attendees can expect to learn:
Young people bear witness to challenging or traumatic events in current news, media, and local communities. They are often trying to process thoughts, feelings, and reactions without explicit help and guidance - thereby increasing their confusion and anxiety.  As adults, we have a natural instinct to protect our children from harsh realities while also preparing them to navigate this complex world - is it possible to do both? What are ways to talk about identity, difference, and justice in age-appropriate ways? How do you reinforce your family's values without instilling disrespect for other perspectives? How do you coach young people toward authentic and respectful dialogue across differences? Engage in these questions and more. There will be time for Q&A. The webinar will focus on grades K-8 but will be valuable to parents of children of all ages.


Past Sessions & Associated Resources

"Creating a Tech Healthy Family" and "Untangling Teens & Tech"

Andrea Davis (@betterscreentime), author of Creating a Tech Healthy Family, a former teacher, and mother of 5 children, joined us on the evening of Tuesday, October 17 to speak about Creating a Tech-Healthy Family and Untangling Teens & Tech.

What Better Screen Time resources offer:
Parents will learn how to create a family tech plan with their kids, take a slow-tech approach to introduce technology, and teach their children about digital dangers and distractions. In addition, Andrea will describe how to initiate "teen tech talks" with topics around mental health and personal values, preparing your teens for the dangers they might face online, and instill in their teens the skill of concentration, focus, and screen time management.

"How to Raise a Self-Driven Child"

Ned Johnson is the founder of PrepMatters, an educational company that helps students succeed in high school and get into college. He has extensive experience helping students in a one-on-one capacity, tutoring them so that they can conquer an alphabet of standardized tests, learn to manage theIr anxiety, and develop their own motivation to succeed. With Dr. William Stixrud, Johnson co-authored The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives as well as What Do You Say? How To Talk with Kids to Build Motivation, Stress Tolerance, and a Happy Home. Johnson is also the host of The Self-Driven Child podcast.

What attendees can expect to learn:
Join author and expert Ned Johnson to learn why fostering a healthy sense of control is so important for childrens' intrinsic motivation, success, mental health, and happiness. Parents and caregivers will learn how to pivot from manager to parent consultant, how to be a non-anxious presence and will leave with effective strategies to use with children ranging in age from tots to teens.

"Resilience in Action: Raising Children & Adolescents Who Are Prepared to Thrive"

Dr. Ken Ginsburg practices adolescent medicine at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and is a professor of pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He practices social adolescent medicine, which is medicine with special attention to prevention and the recognition that social context and stressors affect both physical and emotional health. His research over the last 30 years has focused on facilitating youth to develop their own solutions to social problems and to teach adults how to better serve them. 

What attendees can expect to learn:
Through this session, parents will learn about the Seven C’s Model of Resilience and an overview of resilience with attention to strategies parents can use to help their children help themselves. This session focuses on communication strategies that position parents to be unwavering positive forces in their children’s lives. Parents will leave the session better prepared to:

  • Build confidence in their children

  • Notice and reinforce their children’s competence

  • Foster the vital connection between parents and children

  • Develop character and a sense of contribution in their children

  • Develop those critical coping strategies that will help their children thrive even through difficult times

  • Help their children and teens gain control by learning that the privileges they earn are linked to the responsibility they demonstrate.


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Recordings of Virtual Sessions

Voice Lessons for Parents & Caregivers: What to Say, When to Say It & How to Listen by Dr. Wendy Mogel
Click the button below and select "Register" to view the recording through December 31, 2023

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How to Raise a Self-Driven Child by Ned Johnson
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A Tour Through Your Child’s Brain: Development, Technology & Learning by Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath
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