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An important value of Holy Child School at Rosemont is communityIt is felt when we gather as students, faculty, and staff, and when we welcome alumni, parents, and grandparents back to our second home for events, performances, and celebrations. Our community calls upon us to be engaged, welcoming, and supportive, and it is a meaningful experience to be part of something greater than ourselves.


Learn More About the Holy Child Community & How to Get Involved

A group of female students exit a school mass holding hands at Rosemont PA.
Students and parents participate in a prayer service at Holy Child School at Rosemont on the PA Main Line
Students, faculty, and staff members cheer at Peprally in Rosemont, PA.
A male students holds prayerful hands at a school chapel in Bryn Mawr PA
Preschooler serves lemonade to a middle school student at an independent school in Bryn Mawr PA
A female student holds prayerful hands at a school chapel in Bryn Mawr PA
Students joyfully dance with their family during a performance at a lower school in Montgomery County PA
A female student and her parents watch a candle being lit during a school prayer service in Main Line PA

The ties that bind our community come from sharing a common commitment to our school, and a belief that "To do anything well, we must do it with our heart, with our mind, and with our strength for the love of God, of ourselves, and of our neighbor." - Our Founder Cornelia Connelly