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Board of Trustees



Judi VonFeldt Taylor P’14’16
Board Chair

Soo Abboud P'24'26

Sean Bergin P'23'23'27

Kane Brenan P'16'18'23'25

Tara Buchakjian '97 P'26'27'29

Laura Conlon P'18'20'24'26

Sharon Gaffney P'21'25

Irene Hannan P'93'01 GP'32

David Hark P'18'21'24

Amy Lintner
Charles Minnich P'14'16'18
Robert Mitchell P'16'21

Philip Okala P'19'22

Joanne Robinson '94 P'24'29'30

Hank Rossi P'10

Arnold C. Schneider III P'10'12'15

Stephen Schreder P'13'15'18'23

Marcia Sichol, SHCJ

Christopher Topolewski P'25'27

Anne Vazquez '95 P'25'27'30

Guntram Weissenberger P'20'23

We are the experts in Childhood Education.

A Holy Child School education is more than preparation for life:
It is children living completely as they are—today and everyday—in the full flower of their age. We recognize that adulthood will come soon enough, so we hold dear these precious years of childhood, fleeting yet critical to each child’s development. In a loving, respectful atmosphere, our children discover their place in the world and the importance of their interconnectedness to others.