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Girls smiling together on playground swings
Students raising hands at desks in classrooms
Student speaks at podium
Boy students blowing bubbles on playground
Middle School students cheering at pep rally
Girl students excitedly watch a demonstration in their classroom

This is Holy Child School at Rosemont – and this is where childhood blossoms.

Childhood is both a cherished time and a fleeting moment, a critical foundation and an enduring influence. It’s a stage in life that needs cultivating and care, protecting and celebrating. It deserves special effort, expert attention, and the space to grow with intention and kindness.

At Holy Child School at Rosemont, we believe in the magic of childhood. Here, we elevate early learning by providing students in preschool-grade 8 with an uplifting education, joyful opportunities, and a boundless childhood experience that allows kids to be kids.

Our challenging and creative program, based on the progressive educational philosophy of Founder Cornelia Connelly, centers on the idea that happy children learn better and focuses on teaching the whole child with love, respect, and patience.

In this inclusive, independent Catholic school community where all faiths are welcome, students become academically prepared, kind, confident leaders who are ready to shine in the next phase of their education.

Our Educational Philosophies

Uplifting Education

Every day, Holy Child students experience the joy of achievement and the security of unconditional support. Our focus on social-emotional learning, creative instruction, intellectual challenge, and spiritual growth ensures children develop a love for learning and a drive for academic excellence.


Joyful Opportunities

At Holy Child, “actions, not words” make the biggest impact – which is why students have so many opportunities to actively engage in their education. Through service, the arts, music, language, no-cut athletics, and more, Holy Child helps children embrace challenges, demonstrate resilience, and strive to be their best selves.

Boundless Childhood

Happy children learn better – and happy children grow at Holy Child. As experts in childhood education, we protect, extend and honor this stage of life so that all students have the opportunity to truly understand themselves as they discover their place in the world.


Meet the Admissions Team

We're eager to show you how Happy Children Learn Better in our nurturing, joyful environment!