Strategic Plan

During a weekend retreat in October 2011, Trustees, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, past parents, and friends of the School gathered and discussed the future needs of Holy Child School at Rosemont. From that retreat, four strategic goals were identified (see categories at right for details):

  • Preserve and Strengthen the School's Culture and Values
  • Educate for the 21st Century
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Amplify Our Voice

Following the identification of these goals, committees - including many of those that attended a fall retreat - gathered throughout the school year to develop action steps to address each goal. At the May 2012 Board of Trustees meeting, the 2012 Strategic Plan was approved.

Historically, Strategic Plans have a life cycle of about 10 years. However, because of the rapidly changing world and educational climate that all schools face, this Strategic Plan was expected to guide us for four to six years. This plan was developed in a flexible format that both meets the current needs of Holy Child School at Rosemont as well as anticipates others that might arise. To ensure this Strategic Plan remained on target, the Board of Trustees monitors its progress throughout the years.

In all, the Strategic Plan wasn't just a commitment; it also was a challenge to be a better institution and position Holy Child School at Rosemont to bring about the best possible outcomes for our children. We can be satisfied with nothing less.

The School is extremely grateful for the countless hours and expertise that the many members of our community contributed to help the School establish this comprehensive course of action. The Board of Trustees and administration cannot thank those members of our community enough, as they enabled this plan to come to fruition.

Strategic Plan Goals

Preserve and Strengthen the School's Culture and Values

As the Holy Child community plans for the inevitable retirement of long-serving, iconic faculty and staff members, the School is committed to maintaining its unique culture with a strong adherence to the Holy Child philosophy and traditions, and to Catholic/Christian teachings, morals, and values.

To do so the School will:

  • Focus on intentionally attracting, nurturing, and retaining faculty and staff who embody our Holy Child culture, values, and traditions
  • Develop and celebrate the unique talents and accomplishments of each child, in and out of the classroom
  • Ensure Holy Child School at Rosemont leadership, faculty, and staff consciously and deliberately educate, verbalize, and demonstrate Holy Child's mission and values, as a Holy Child school, and Catholic/Christian educational philosophy

Educate for the 21st Century

Holy Child School at Rosemont has long been recognized for its high-quality academic programs. It is essential that Holy Child remains in the forefront of teaching those skills that will enable its graduates to handle the demands of the new century.

To do so the School will:

  • Commit to delivering the five Cs of 21st Century education – Creativity Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Character
  • Integrate creative and critical thinking as well as global consciousness into every aspect of the curriculum
  • Expand opportunities for active and experimental learning, including peer-to-peer group learning
  • Advance Holy Child students’ technology, media, and information literacy, while educating students on its global applications and implications
  • Expand activities that tap into children’s “emotional intelligence” - their ability to work as part of a team and to collaborate with others successfully - and build character. The goal of Holy Child is to graduate students who are empathetic, resilient, socially adjusted, stress tolerant, and eager to assume leadership roles
  • Develop and implement new and varied ways of assessing children’s learning
  • Design and manage professional development that focuses on implementation of these strategies

Financial Stability

Holy Child School at Rosemont has a longstanding history of financial stability in a time where schools have reduced programs or even closed. The School’s challenge for the future is to seek ways to maintain a balanced budget, grow its endowment, increase financial aid awards, maintain facilities, and enhance programs and services while striving to mitigate pressure for tuition increases.

To do so the School will:

  • Strengthen enrollment while maintaining a strong academic focus and small class sizes in light of demographic and economic trends.
  • Develop an intermediate term campus master plan that maintains school facilities
  • Develop a technology maintenance and upgrade plan to ensure a globally conscious approach to teaching in and out of our classrooms.
  • Reduce capital improvement debt and strengthen the School’s endowment
  • Continue to manage and balance the annual operating budget

Amplify Our Voice

Holy Child School at Rosemont operates in a competitive independent school market. We need to communicate more clearly and distinctly what sets the School apart from other educational options. Holy Child must articulate clearly and boldly the benefits and blessings of a Catholic, coeducational, independent school education in the tradition of Cornelia Connelly.

To do so the School will:

  • Identify and clearly articulate the value associated with a Holy Child School at Rosemont education
  • Cultivate the School’s brand to create awareness and ensure consistent messaging about the “specialness” of a Holy Child School at Rosemont education
  • Enable the School to create a more deliberate approach to market our message
  • Reach current and prospective target families utilizing digital media and word-of-mouth communications that are most effective
  • Streamline and choreograph communications for greater impact