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About Us

We promise to provide an intellectually challenging and creative program of study, delivered in a loving and supportive environment.

Holy Child School at Rosemont is the best choice for families who believe that the first years of a child’s education play an out-sized role in helping achieve a life of happiness, contribution, and success. Holy Child parents make a priority of childhood education.

We are a co-educational, independent, Catholic school that welcomes children of every faith, from Early Childhood through their eighth grade year. We are a Holy Child School: An exemplar of an international community of high-performing schools built around the progressive and enlightened educational philosophy of Sister Cornelia Connelly, foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Well ahead of her time, and inspired by her own life experience of having been first a mother and then a nun and teacher, Cornelia Connelly recognized that happy children learn better; that effective teaching can best occur in a home-like atmosphere of love, beauty, and respect for the needs of the whole child; and that instruction of children must proceed logically and be provided with patience guided by the pace of each child’s maturation. Cornelia also fervently believed that the arts, physical play, and the practice of self-expression were central — not optional — elements of a holistic approach to the education of children.

Holy Child School at Rosemont is the modern articulation of the timeless teachings of Cornelia Connelly. The education we offer respects and honors the four dimensions of every child’s life: the intellectual, the spiritual, the physical, and the emotional. Our graduates thrive: They enter the high schools they want to go to, taking with them something that will serve them well their entire lives:

The full blessing of childhood.